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Subnational FREL and/or FRLs may be developed as an interim step on the way to development of national FREL and/or FRLs(1). In this case development of NFMS should …include monitoring and reporting of emissions displacement at the national level, if appropriate, and reporting on how displacement of emissions is being addressed, and on the means to integrate subnational monitoring systems into a national monitoring system(2).
Integration into national monitoring systems will be easier if the boundaries of subnational activities and hence their associated FRELs and FRLs correspond to boundaries in the stratification process of the national GHG inventory since this will help deliver consistency with the GHGI.
If the national FREL and/or FRL already exist as a sum of subnational FREL and/or FRLs(3) then estimates of displaced emissions will be unnecessary for international reporting. Otherwise evidence, to establish whether there is a zone of influence outside the boundary of the subnational FREL and/or FRL and support estimates of displaced emissions, could be gathered by remote sensing to detect signs of disturbance, or by ground sampling. Stratification of activities at the national or subnational scale may also be useful to identify areas associated with drivers and to demonstrate the effect of actions taken.

This possibility is recognised in paragraph 71(b), footnote 6 of decision 1/CP.16 Opens in new window