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The Cancun Agreements list conversion of natural forest under safeguards provisions, not as a REDD+ activity. The Agreements specify(1) the need to promote and support safeguards … consistent with the conservation of natural forests and biological diversity, ensuring that [REDD+ activities] are not used for the conversion of natural forests, but are instead used to incentivize the protection and conservation of natural forests and their ecosystem services, and to enhance other social and environmental benefits. The annual area converted can be calculated as the sum Ʃi=1,5 A(1,i) where j=1 is taken to be the index for primary forest at step 5 above under deforestation emissions estimation, plus the transfer rates from modified natural forest to planted forest and from primary to planted forest, ΔAMNF>PlantF and ΔAPF>PlantF estimated respectively at steps 5 and 6 under degradation emissions estimation. This covers conversion of natural forest to non-forest land uses, and to other forest types. The emissions associated with these transfers can be estimated from the application of the IPCC methods identified above to these transferred areas.