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REDD+ Reporting [MGD Sections]

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An NFMS is likely to need to consider methodological issues associated with the construction of FREL and/or FRLs as benchmarks for assessing Parties’ performances in implementing REDD+ activities. This implies consideration of the meaning of technical terms used in COP decisions, discussed in this section which is based on material previously published as GFOI MGD Module 3(1). Other useful sources i) the GOFC-GOLD Sourcebook Opens in new window, ii) UN-REDD’s Emerging approaches to Forest Reference Emission Levels and/or Forest Reference Levels for REDD+ Opens in new window, also iii) the Technical considerations for FREL and/or FRL construction for REDD+ under the UNFCCC Opens in new window and the iv) World Bank Carbon Fund Methodological Framework Opens in new window. The World Bank Methodological Framework applies to pilot implementation under the Carbon Fund of the Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), and has some requirements (e.g. concerning conservativeness, and to limit adjustments for national circumstances under the terms of decision 12/CP.17 Opens in new window) which are more elaborated or restrictive than the COP decisions.

GFOI Module 3 Opens in new window provides advice on technical issues related to decisions 12/CP.17 Opens in new window and 13/CP.19 Opens in new window. It can be downloaded from the GFOI website Opens in new window.