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For the first method, two spatially segregated strata that differ in carbon density (A and B) can be independently sampled, with the mean emission/removal factor given by:
Equation 27
where image81.svgand image82.svgare the mean carbon densities for each stratum as calculated from the sample.
In this context stratum A could correspond to modified natural forest (MNF), and stratum B to primary forest (PF), with image83.svg therefore corresponding to the term [CBPF − CBMNF] in Equation 1 in Chapter 3, Section 3.1.2.
Because the sampling in each of the strata is independent, the uncertainty of image84.svg can be calculated as
Equation 28
Where image86.svg is the variance of the estimate of the respective mean (see also Section, Equation 2).
Note that image87.svg is often called the standard error, and when multiplied by the appropriate t0.95 statistic (usually taken to be 1.96) gives the 95% confidence interval. Equation 28 corresponds to Rule A of section 6.3 of GPG2000 Opens in new window(1), which is cross-referenced in section Opens in new window of GPG2003 - although Rule A is expressed in terms of 95% confidence intervals, rather than variance.