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In general terms, reporting is the process of formal submission of results according to pre-established requirements, and verification is the process of assessing the data and information submitted. Reporting and verification processes can form part of quality assurance and quality control programs (Chapter 2, Section 2.3.4) and provide useful experience for the consideration of prioritising step-wise improvements.
This section outlines requirements that imply reporting and verification relevant to REDD+ under the UNFCCC. As defined by the COP decisions on REDD+ and represented in Table 19.
Reporting and verification comprise a sequential process with initial submission and technical assessment of the FREL/FRL (Section 6.2 and Section 6.3), followed by reporting and analysis of emissions and removals associated with REDD+ activities consistent with the FREL/FRL (Section 6.4 and Section 6.5). Figure 14 shows the Technical Assessment process for the FRLs/FRELs in more detail.

Table 19: Requirements under the UNFCCC REDD+ to access results-based payments

What countries need to have or provide
How to communicate to the UNFCCC
Process associated under UNFCCC
UNFCCC REDD+ platform Information hub
REDD+ National Strategy or Action Plan
No Need
In place when seeking RBP
As appropriated, link to the documents
1/CP.16, para (71a)
9/CP.19, para 3&11
National Forest Monitoring System
No Need
In place when seeking RBP
As appropriated, link to the documents
1/CP.16, para (71c)
11/CP.19, & Annex
National FREL/FRL
FREL/FRL submission
Technical Assessment on the context of RBP
When ready (especially when seeking RBP)
FREL/FRL submission and Technical Assessment Report
1/CP.16, para (71b)
12/CP.17(II), Annex
Results in tCO2e per year
Technical REDD+ Annex to the BUR
Technical Analysis of the Annex
After the FREL/FRL is assessed, same regularity as the BUR (2yrs)
Technical Analysis Report of the Annex
9/CP.19, para (3) & (11a,e)
14/CP.19, Annex
Safeguards (SG) information system
National Communication UNFCCC web platform
Summary of SG available when seeking RBP
When available or updated
1/CP.16, para (71d)
Source: modified from Iversen, 2014
Figure 14: FREL/FRL technical assessment process