Quick Start

The overarching colour coded Themes displayed in the pyramid opposite are consistent with the headings of the GFOI Methods and Guidance Document (MGD) and suggest a bottom to top hierarchical progression through MRV Themes.

Selecting a Theme reveals a second layer pyramid which represents a MRV Concept (or second level heading) to be considered, again with a suggested progression being from the bottom to the top.

REDDcompass presents suggested reading from the GFOI MGD related it each Concept. Additionally each Concept has a range of possible Actions for consideration listed below the pyramid. Within this Action worksheet are a range of relevant links to various guidance, references, training material and tools which can be explored further at this level.

To get started take the following steps:

1: Click on the Theme of interest and explore the related Concept pyramid.

2: Click on the Concept of interest to reveal relevant Actions and supporting guidance, references, training and tools.

3: Click to add detail to an Action and register and create an MRV profile.

4: Add and store relevant information on progress and training requirements against Action items.

5: Run reports to track progress of your MRV development against the Action items.

Watch how to utilize the features and functionality of REDDcompass

Instructional videos can also be viewed via the

GFOI YouTube Channel