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NFMS are established by countries for forest monitoring. Their characteristics in the context of REDD+ activities are described in decisions 4/CP.15 Opens in new window and 11/CP.19 Opens in new window. They should build on existing systems and provide data that are transparent and consistent over time and suitable for MRV. NFMS functions may therefore include data collection, analysis and archiving. NFMS functions will depend on national circumstances, and also could include working with national policy makers to help decide the REDD+ activities under consideration, the associated data requirements, identifying existing data and any data acquisition needs. The MGD assumes that NFMS would include engagement with a range of stakeholders including national authorities with responsibilities for forest land(1), agencies responsible for collecting national data such as the NFI, census information, agencies responsible for estimating forest-related emissions and removals for the national GHGI, and possibly stakeholder representatives including community representatives and the private sector. In performing their functions, NFMS are likely to address some or all of the design decisions covered in the following sections.

Such agencies could include those responsible for Forestry, Agriculture, and Environment.