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  • Effective reporting and verification processes require establishment of national capacity and good communication between the national institutions involved.
  • Reporting and verification processes should aim for consistency in methodologies, definitions, comprehensiveness and the information provided between reported reference levels, results of the implementation of REDD+ activities and GHGI.
  • Transparent, consistent, complete (in the sense of allowing reconstruction) and accurate data and information should be provided as part of the UNFCCC technical assessment and technical analysis processes.
  • Sufficient information needs to be reported to enable third parties to be able to assess whether reporting requirements have been met.
  • Internal and external technical experts should be used to assess the quality of information reported as well as of the overall effectiveness of the MRV system.
  • Developing effective REDD+ reporting and verification can usefully be seen as part of a broader information system that supports sustainable development, and not simply as a necessity driven by COP decisions.