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The description of REDD+ activities and the discussion of the use of IPCC methods to estimate emissions associated with them (Chapter 3, Section 3.1) lead to the activity data requirements specified in Table 13.

Table 13: Major activity data requirements for REDD+ activities

Data requirement
Areas of primary forest, modified natural forest, and planted foresta, sub-stratified as necessary by forest type and management regime.
Annual conversion from primary forest, modified natural forest, and planted forest to non-Forest Land uses (Cropland, Grassland, Wetland, Settlements, Other Land)
Annual transfer from primary forest to modified natural forest and planted forest.
Annual transfer from modified natural forest to planted forest
Annual conversion from non-Forest Land uses to planted forest or natural expansion within managed land areas
Notes: a)These are the forest types used in the methodological discussion because they correspond to reporting to the FRA. Countries may adopt other stratifications which suit national circumstances.