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Guiding you through REDD+

Welcome to REDDcompass.

Progressively work through the key themes, concepts and actions of REDD+ National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) for Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) gaining access to a suite of GFOI methods and guidance, space data resources, training materials and tools along the way.


REDDcompass Resources

Review guidance and supporting material from the GFOI

Search MGD Edition 2.0

Gain direct access to relevant methods and guidance specific to your search terms.


Download the MGD 3.0

Download the Methods and Guidance Document 3.0 in PDF format.



Its user friendly and gives us access to the MGD even without internet.

South East Asia Regional Workshop (Philippines)

How to get the most from REDDcompass

REDDcompass guides users through core Themes, Concepts and Actions involved in the development of National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) for Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV). It provides contextual links to GFOI methods and guidance, space data resources, references and tools, training materials and advances in research and development as users work through the pyramid framework.

Quick Start

The overarching colour coded Themes displayed in the pyramid opposite are consistent with the headings of the GFOI Methods and Guidance Document (MGD) and suggest a bottom to top hierarchical progression through MRV Themes.

Selecting a Theme reveals a second layer pyramid which represents a MRV Concept (or second level heading) to be considered, again with a suggested progression being from the bottom to the top.

REDDcompass presents suggested reading from the GFOI MGD related it each Concept. Additionally each Concept has a range of possible Actions for consideration listed below the pyramid. Within this Action worksheet are a range of relevant links to various guidance, references, training material and tools which can be explored further at this level.

To get started take the following steps:

1: Click on the Theme of interest and explore the related Concept pyramid.

2: Click on the Concept of interest to reveal relevant Actions and supporting guidance, references, training and tools.

3: Click to add detail to an Action and register and create an MRV profile.

4: Add and store relevant information on progress and training requirements against Action items.

5: Run reports to track progress of your MRV development against the Action items.

Watch how to utilize the features and functionality of REDDcompass

Instructional videos can also be viewed via the

GFOI YouTube Channel


I really like the way the information was integrated. Its nicely done.

South East Asia Regional Workshop (Indonesia)


It gives me more a structured view on the available data. Kind of refreshing from the texts.

South East Asia Regional Workshop (Philippines)

REDDcompass has a strong Methods and Guidance Foundation

The foundation of REDDcompass is the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) Methods and Guidance Document (MGD). This guidance document is written by a world-class team of experts and stakeholders specializing in forest information systems and the observations underpinning those systems as well as experts in the assessment of forest carbon emissions and removals.


The GFOI provides methodological advice and assistance with data access to countries wishing to make use of remotely sensed and ground-based data for forest monitoring and reporting. The initial focus is on reduced emissions from deforestation, forest degradation and associated activities, jointly referred to as REDD+ in the climate negotiations.


The Methods and Guidance Document fills a current gap in practical guidance on developing and implementing forest MRV systems, particularly concerning the integration of remotely sensed data with ground-based data to estimate emissions and removals of GHG specific to REDD+ activities.


The Methods and Guidance Document complements guidance published by IPCC ,GOFC-GOLD, approaches taken by the UN-REDD Programme and Word Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and has been produced in cooperation with these initiatives. The guidance takes account of the accumulated experience on the joint use of remote sensing and ground-based data.


The Methods and Guidance Document aims to increase mutual understanding between technical negotiators and those responsible for design decisions in implementing national forest monitoring systems, with the relevant science, technical and policy communities, to guide the collection of relevant forestry data, and to assist sharing of data and experiences.

is a GEO initiative, led by:


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